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Your Dream Body,
Your Dream Life

Join me for the next 5 days as we fine-tune your energy to help

you manifest your desired confidence, body shape, & approach

to life.

Are you ready to take 5 glorious days of self-retreat? Give your

lifestyle, confidence, & manifestations a makeover!


The online event includes 5 Daily masterclasses:

Day 1 : Guide to Manifesting

Day 2 : Meditate into "HER" Manifestations

Day 3: Dive into Divine Routine

Day 4: Reflect & Recharge 

Day 5: Tap into "HER" manifestations

What to


Day 4


Day 5


Day One: Guide to Manifesting

Learn the secrets to attracting a life you dream of.


Day Two: Meditate into "HER" Manifestations

Luxurious meditation for luxurious manifestations.


Day Three: Dive into Divine Routine

Learn how to make more money & begin building wealth


Day Four: Reflect & Recharge 

What are some impactful ways to rest & recharge?


Day Five: Tap into "HER" Manifestations

How can you embody your manifestations?

The Woman For This Series...

How do you know if this program is for you? I'm looking to work with women of an elevated caliber. You should join us if you:

You want to fall in love with yourself

You're dedicated to improving your life & body

You're tired of being unorganized 

You want a positive health regime

You're overwhelmed in your daily life

You need a community for support


What's Included

We really aren't kidding when we say the challenge is packed with value. Here's what you get when you sign up:

Daily LIVE session on each topic

Daily workbook to follow up the live

Access to my PRIVATE community on FB

Upgrade to VIP access to daily live Q&A